My Favourite Condiment

Spicy and sour flavours are what I live for. I have discovered the most simple and delicious way to bring these flavours together. This is a four ingredient hot sauce that can be used in stir fry’s, dipping sauce or a marinade. I have been known to pour this sauce on my sandwich and douse my eggs with it.

Ideally you will have a pestle and mortar but if you don’t a fine dice will do

A mason jar is perfect for storing this sauce that can last up to a month in your fridge but will likely be devoured before a month’s end if you like me live for spice.


  • 1 bulb garlic
  • 1 cup Birds Eye Chili
  • A liberal pinch of salt
  • Enough vinegar to cover chili and garlic (I use either apple cider or white vinegar)


Coarsely chop birds eye chili and add to pestle and mortar, add all garlic cloves and pinch of salt, Smash into paste.  Put garlic and chili smash into mason jar add enough vinegar to cover give it a good shake and voila you’re ready for spicy deliciousness.

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